Azlon*/Soybean — Natural Perfection Azlon/Soybean Pillow by Nature's Sleep

Natures Sleep soybean azlon Pillow

  • New! Excluse 100% renewable, eco-friendly material made from soybean and corn
  • Contains 18 amino acids that are beneficial to the human body
  • Naturally induces the production of collagen in the skin
  • Moisture and heat resistant with superior ventillation

Surrounds you in opulence while experiencing the inherent
natural health benefitsof Azlon* fiber from soybean and corn.

  • Designed for side and back sleepers
  • Naturally grown soybeans/corn are converted into a soft fluffy ultra thin fibrous fill —
    containing 18 amino acids beneficial to the human body
  • Properties in soybean fiber activate growth of collagen protein in one’s skin,
    while corn properties provide high resilience.
  • Naturally hypo-allergenic and resistant to mildew, bacteria and dust mites
  • Using Azlon*/Soybean “bio-based” polyols provides important benefits to farmers and the environment
    *Azlon is defined as a manufactured fiber in which the fiber-forming substance is composed of any regenerated naturally occurring proteins (16 CFR 303.7(g))

All Nature's Sleep Premium Pillows are designed with TWO covers for longevity
providing the finest user experience with the utmost protection against microbes/dust mites:

  • Inner Cover: Hand sewn 100% natural cotton, 300 TC
  • Outer Cover: Hand sewn luxurious Azlon* fiber (65% soybeans/35% cotton) with a cashmere-like feel that
    is “naturally allergenresistant” — removable and washable for easy care

Available Sizes:
King ( 20" x 35" ) — Firm Comfort Level
Queen ( 20" x 30" ) — Firm Comfort Level