Why get a new foundation?

The surface that your mattress sits on, be it the floor, bed frame, or box spring, will affect the feel and durability of your mattress. A foundation box will offer more consistent support across the entire surface of the mattress. Properly made foundations will increase the life span of your mattress by preventing sagging and mold from developing while also increasing the flame resistance rating of the bed set. If your mattress is not properly supported, you may also be voiding your warranty.

save money Reusing your old box spring may sound like a good way to save money, but there are many reasons that this is a bad idea and may not save you any money at all.
  • Noises
  • You should know that the most common source of creaking noises in beds is actually the box spring or foundation and not the mattress itself. Using an old box will increase the risk of this annoying problem occurring on your brand new mattress.

  • Support
  • Your old foundation may offer the wrong level of support for the mattress. Some mattresses require a soft box spring while others need a firm zero deflection unit. If your foundation is too hard or soft, it will have negative impact on both comfort and durability. In addition, if your mattress is not properly supported you can void your warranty.

  • Appearance
  • Most foundations are covered in a material that matches the color and pattern of the mattress that sits on it. While this does not affect performance, it is nice to have a bed set that looks good and matches. There are also small size variations in foundations by different manufacturers that may cause your new mattress to overhang or appear too small.

Choosing a quality foundation that is factory designed to match your mattress is very important. NewMattressNow.com recommends you get a new foundation with every new mattress purchase.

We carry 4 types of mattress foundations

Standard Foundation
mattress solid foundation
A zero deflection unit made of solid wood slats and fire resistent matting. These units are close to 9" in thickness, though sizes vary by about an inch for different bed models.
Low Profile
mattress solid foundation
A low profile box uses the same zero deflection construction as our standard foundations but are made to approximately half the thickness. This type of box may be required to have a thick mattress fit properly in your bed frame, or may be purchased simply to lower the bed level of a bed to make entry easier for people with physical limitations.
Split Foundation
split queen foundation box
A split foundation is a two piece set that, when combined, matches the size of your mattress. Available in either standard or low profile heights, these zero deflection units are built with the same slats and fire resistent materials as our standard foundation. Split foundations are standard for king mattresses and also available for queen sets, but not for other sizes. The split configuration makes it possible to move these sets through a house, hallways, and stairwells that would be impossible to navigate with a solid unit. Mattresses can bend around corners but a solid foundation can not, that is why a split foundation is sometimes needed.
KD Foundation
KD Foundation Assembly
The KD Foundation is a specialty foundation available only for the Natures Sleep Visco Memory Foam models